Forum's Contact Resource Information

   Our Delaware Citizens' Information and Action Forum's web site will continuosly update information when indicated for the civic/political issue areas covered by our movement.  Our Forum's Overall Facilitator facilitator is Dr. Floyd E. McDowell, Sr., 11 Dover Court, Bear, DE 19701, phone (302) 832-2799 and email address  Each civic/political issue area will have one or more Issue Area Facilitators whose names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses will be provided as part of the information within each issue area.  All Facilitators are always available, without charge, to citizens, organizations, candidates for elective public offices, news media, etc. for questions, explanations, comments, suggestions, group presentations/discussions, media articles and appearances and other communicative interactions on behalf of our Forum's best knowledge information and recommended reform changes.  Please inform your family members, friends, organization leaders, and others about our Forum's web site, email contacts, mission, and best knowledge information and recommended reforms for these important civic/political issue areas. Our nonprofit Forum's unified vision and mission is to have informed member/owner citizens identify, enlist and support informed candidates for OUR 68 state level elective decision-making offices (regardless of political party affiliation) who will sign off on supporting our sensible, best knowledge issue area reform recommendations. A list of all members of our State Legislative offices (62) and our Governor and Lt. Governor which contains contact information can be obtained free of charge by contacting the Legislative Council at 1-800-282-8545.

   We invite every Delaware citizen to have full-fledged membership/ownership in the civic/political vision and mission of our Forum. We hope each reader of this information will inform all family members and friends to access our web site or to download issue area information of interest and value and share it. We invite your contacts with selected or all Issue Area Facilitators if you have information to challenge or share so that our substantive web site content will be the very best possible. Constructive criticism is always welcomed in knowledge-driven environments.

   All of us belong to one or more organizations. Our Forum requests that you bring our list of civic/political issue areas to the attention of the leadership of all organizations in which you hold membership and request that issue areas of interest and value be scheduled for membership meetings with appropriate Issue Area Facilitators invited as presenters/discussants at these meetings.