Forum Survey of  Candidates for State Level Elective Offices

   Our Forum will send a package of information and recommended reforms on the civic/political issue areas covered to date on our web site to all incumbents and challenging candidates seeking state level elective offices. This information will be sent to all 68 incumbents in both executive and legislative branches of our state government, whether up for re-election or not, as we want to determine their support or non-support for our Association's recommended reforms related to these important issues. All challenging candidates for these elective offices will receive the same package.

   Our Forum's survey package will contain the following: program and cost effective information about the civic/political issue areas with our recommended reforms to be accomplished by these state level elected decision-makers; contact information for Issue Area Facilitators available to all incumbents and challengers requesting additional information; and a one-sheet survey form to be completed, signed off on and returned in an accompanying stamped envelope.

   Our one page survey form will include the following questions with yes or no to be checked at the end of each question, signed off on and returned :

Forthcoming Delaware Election Cycles

In the future, our Forum's web site will contain best knowledge information for all  civic/political issue areas important in our state's future and listed on our Home Page. Many of our best knowledge information and recommended reforms are derived from research findings and proven, effective best practices demonstration in other states. Thirty two statewide organizations have endorsed our Forum's single payer Delaware Health Security Act and nine statewide organizations have endorsed our Delaware Campaign Finance and Election Reform Act, which was developed through Common Cause of Delaware. Many activist Delaware citizens are working in support of these two acts. We believe that when best knowledge information and recommended reforms for the additional issue areas are completed and on our web site, many more organizations and individuals will be added to our Forum like tributaries flowing into a cleansing civic/political stream. With this ever-increasing, informed, motivated civic/political collective force, we believe we can significantly impact and raise the level of our state's political culture in future campaigns for elective offices in both executive and legislative branches of our state government. We invite every citizen's informed, involved civic responsibility membership/ownership in our Forum's vision and mission.