Our Delaware Citizens' Information and Action Forum's single payer nongovernment run Delaware Health Security Act is undoubtedly one of the most important, proven program and cost effective legislative acts ever presented our elected state level decision-makers. It is the ultimate LITMUS TEST for every candidate seeking elective office in both executive and legislative branches of OUR state government. Any incumbent or challenging candidate for any state level office that doesn't bother to accept our offer to help her/him become credibly informed and does not sign off on supporting this legislative act SHOULD NOT RECEIVE ANY VOTES except those from citizens who have also not become informed about what this act will do for them and their family members. After candidates have ignored or completed our Association's Candidate Survey Form, we will disseminate to citizens which candidates have competently learned our best knowledge information on all civic/political issue areas we cover on our web site ( and have signed off on supporting our recommended reform changes at our state government level. Our nonprofit Forum is dedicated to identifying, enlisting and supporting informed, committed, credible state level candidates (regardless of political party affiliation) who will vigorously fight for the program and cost effective benefits listed on this Health Care page. If our candidates for state level offices don't support our LITMUS TEST health care reform act, we should put prioity on enlisting candidates who understand and commit to its enactment. We urge you to share this Health Care page with those on your email address list and download and share it where indicated. We ask that you inform your family members, friends and other Delaware citizens about our web site ( and all civic/political issue areas we cover, especially our single payer Delaware Health Security Act explained on this page.

   Information on this page has been developed for Delaware citizens who invest the time to study valid, research-proven program and cost effective facts in order to have credible civic responsibility competency on this important civic/political issue. At the outset of this information, we want to explain some of the Halloween-type misinformation and pathological lies special interest status quo protector propagandists will bring forth to blanket our state. This Act is NOT government run socialized medicine or health care. Citizens will always choose their physicians and other health care providers. This Act will totally free physicians and other health care providers from having the unnecessary private health insurance industry come between you and your health care providers. Ask a simple, profound question. What does the controlling health insurance industry brokers contribute to a physician's office, hospital, laboratory, long-term care facility or any part of our health care system? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Not even a Band-Aid. Yet they waste appoximately 40$ of ouf state's health care funds (at least $8 million each day in 2009), and cause physicians and others to waste costly, valuable time helping interpret hundreds of insurance companies tons of restrictive paperwork. Then it's insanity plus that these physicians, dentists, nurses, therapists, psychologists, social workers and other health care professionals have to waste time in humiliating calls to get treatment permissions from these insurance company bottom-line profit protectors. Our Act will eliminate this wasteful insanity. Our Act isn't even socialized health care insurance as is our Medicare program. Only 70% will come from current tax contributions. The other 30% will be provided by citizens and both large and small private businesses. All will pay less under this comprehensive coverage Act than they now have to pay.This reform program will operate like our single payer Medicare program but with adequate funds to pay all providers. Medicare has an administrative/overhead cost of 1.5% compared to over 30% administrative/overhead waste by the controlling health insurance company brokers. Medicare is a socialized health insurance program just as Social Security is a socialized economic security program. Go into a Senior Citizen Center and tell them you're going to try and privatize these two programs and you'd better be parked near the Exit with your motor running.

   Our supportive Delaware Health Security Coalition expects to see this desperately needed single payer, non-government run Delaware Health Security Act re-introduced in the 2011 legislative session. It already has 16 House/Senate co-sponsors and should receive more in 2011.  Contact or via phone at (302) 832-2799 and a list of email addresses and office phone numbers will be sent for all 62 State Legislators and will provide the names of State Legislators who have co-sponsored this health care Act. Our Forum urges citizens to first become competently informed about this valuable Act and then have family members and friends express support for the Act to their State Legislators and Governor. In 2007, our Forum's Delaware Health Security Coalition had 20 statewide supportive organizations, now has 31 and a number of local organizations. Poll after poll, at both state and national levels, show an average of 70% of citizens polled want single payer health care system reform. The state legislature in Vermont became the first state to pass their state single payer act and have their Governor sign it. The State Legislators voted two to one to pass this historice legislation. California's State Legislaors have twice passed their single payer act to have it vetoed by their former Governor. It is expected to be passed again in 2011 with a Governor who will sign it.  Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania are all making solid progress toward passing their single payer acts. have passed their excellent state single payer reform acts.  A number of other states are making solid progress toward passage of their single payer reform acts. These include Hawaii, Oregon, Minnesota and Washington State. Access the web site, click on to State Chapters on the left and single payer contacts and information is provided about single payer movements in all states.  Click on to Delaware and our Delaware Forum's web site is given along with a News Journal article our Coalition's Facilitator wrote about our Delaware Health Security Act. Every one of the other 29 developed, industrialized nations in the world provide comprehensive health care coverage to all of their citizens via a single payer or modified single payer health care system. They do this at approximately one-half the funds our nation spends for health care.

   Our single payer Delaware Health Security Act is structured and will operate like our very successful single payer Medicare/Medicaid Act and program. A major difference is that savings by our Delaware single payer Act will provide more than enough funds to properly compensate health care providers for their services. Our Act will cause the provision of a single form for all health care providers to use as they both provide and bill for services rendered Delaware citizens and eligible Delaware workers who live out of our state. Hospitals in our state will receive a yearly block grant allotment of funds under a capitation arrangement. Each year the Act's Health Security Authority will negotiate with organizations representing all health care providers to establish prices for every health care service and expense. Then one form is submitted for payment as done in the single payer Medicare/Medicaid program. The administrative/overhead cost in the single payer Medicare/Medicaid program is 1.5% (facts available from the National Medicare Center) compared to a Harvard University Research Team national study (and there are others) that shows 33% of our health care funds are wasted by administrative/overhead costs of health insurance company brokers. Keep in mind that approximately 90 percent of our Delaware health care funds are provided by hard-working citizens through 70 percent supplied by taxes and 20 percent from out-of-pocket expenses. .And especially relevant is that citizens' tax funds provides and offers every State Legislator and her/his family members a comprehensive health care coverage benefit package.

   Our single payer Delaware Health Security Act will be administered by a Delaware Health Security Authority. The Authority will be placed within the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services but will operate as an independent body and program. The State Authority's 15-member ruling board will be selected and appointed from the following sources: five from elected state officials via two from the House Committee concerned with health care, two from the Senate Committee concerned with health care and the Secretary of Health and Social Services representing the Governor's office; five representatives from different Delaware organizations representing health care professionals; and five members from Delaware consumer organizations (or State affiliates of National organizations) that have endorsed single payer health care reform at least five years before the enactment of this single payer Act. A list of these endorsing state/national consumer organizations is given on this Health Care page. The Delaware Health Security Authority will hire an Executive Director who will work with and through the Authority and the following interactive Divisions: Administration; Planning; Benefits; and Quality Assurance. The responsibilities of the Authority, Executive director and the four Divisions are explained in the body of the Act. Our Act includes the creation of County Advisory Councils in each of our three counties. County Advisory Council membership will be from the same sources and in the same numbers as membership on the ruling State Authority. These County Advisory Councils will be grass roots operations interacting with individuals and organizations in each county and involved in all aspects of county/state planning, implementation and evaluation of health care as required by the Delaware Health Security Act. There will be a close reciprocal working relationship between these County Advisory Councils and the Act's State Authority, Executive Director and four Divisions at the state level. State and national single payer leaders who critiqued our Act before its final composition highly praised the provision of these grass roots involved County Advisory Councils

   Other important, documented research findings emphasize the urgency that we unify and change the low level of our state's political culture in our nation and among the civilized world. First, keep in mind that all of the other 29 developed, industrialized nations in the world provide comprehensive health care coverage for all of their citizens via a single payer or modified single payer health care system.  Comparative studies have been done over the years on how Delaware ranks among our other 49 states on important health care indicators such as infant mortality (well babies), women's health care, cancer incidence, deaths from breast cancer, most dangerous understaffed nursing homes, and monitoring and resolving physician mistakes. Although we rank from 5th to 7th from the top state in comparative income available, Delaware usually ranks between 45th to 50th from the top state on the above listed health care indicators. Our Association has copies of these representative research studies conducted by national organizations which include the American Cancer Society, General Accounting Office (GAO), the Institute for Women's Policy Institute, our national HEW and Public Citizen. The very credible World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland accomplished a comprehensive comparative study on health care system indicators and ranked our nation 37th among other nations. This ranks Delaware behind the other 29 developed countries and also behind 7 undeveloped nations.  

   This Health Care page will now give a list (not covering smaller organizations) of state and national organizations that have studied, endorsed and support single payer health care reform similar to our Delaware Health Security Act  These 32 Delaware statewide organizations with affiliates or members in Delaware seeking single payer health care reform include the following: AFL/CIO (practically all member units); Alliance for Retired Americans (formerly the National Council of Senior Citizens); American College of Physicians (second largest organization of physicians in our nation with 124,000 members); American Medical Student Association; American Medical Women's Association; American Nurses Association; A Phillip Randolph Institute; Delaware Citizens' Coalition for Tax Reform; Consumer's Union (publishes Consumer Reports); Gray Panthers; NAACP; National Association of Social Workers; National Council of Churches (52 million members); National Council of Mayors; National Education Association; National League of Women Voters; National Organization for Women; National Presbyterians; National Unitarian-Universalists; Phoenix Community in Delaware; Physicians for a National Health Program; Public Citizen; and the Universal Health Care Action Network. In 2008, a national poll showed nine organizations of physician specialists endorsed single payer reform by votes ranging from 54 percent to 85 percent. All of these national organizations have directly endorsd our single payer, nongovernment run Delaware Health Security universal health care Act in meetings with our Coalition's Chairperson or they're Delaware affiliates of national organizations that have strongly endorsed single payer universal health care coverage.