Our Delaware Citizens' Information and Action Forum has been incorporated in Delaware as a non-profit, nonpartisan organization. We are nonpartisan in providing our reform information to all political parties, their candidates for public offices and all Delaware citizens. We will have an IRS designation, 501 (4) (C), in keeping with the vision and mission of our civic/political movement. Our purposeful, unified effort is to help change and improve our state's political culture level. Our participating citizens and organizations will provide research-proven best knowledge information and recommended program and cost effective reform changes on many civic/political issue areas important in our state's future. These issue areas will have this information provided on web pages that can be downloaded. Our Forum will make every effort to have our citizens, incumbents and challenging candidates for all public elective offices acquire our Forum's issue area best knowledge and support our sensible program and cost effective recommended reforms. We reject the empty, meaningless rhetoric of "liberal" and "conservative" that saturates and divides our civic/political culture. Whether or not needed reforms are program and cost SENSIBLE should be our key defining word. The sensible substance our Forum offers our citizens and candidates for OUR elective public offices both respects and invites their informed civic responsibility intelligence, credibility, involvement and commitment.  

   Civic/political decision-makers and others who protect and perpetuate costly status quo or delay real change via "tinker and proclaim" methods should hang the following signs over the entrance to their offices: "If we always do what we've always done, we'll always get what we always got;" One of our nation's greatest intellects, Dr. Albert Einstein, informed us, "It's a form of insanity to do the same thing over and over and expect different results." And "The only difference between a rut and grave is depth."

   The information provided on this web site is NOT "Delaware politically correct and aligned tinker and proclaim" feel-good status quo that is perpetuated by special interest "go-along-to-get-or-belong followers in front of expedient herds." It is research-proven valuable civic responsibility information for needed systemic reform of all civic/political issues discussed on the pages of our Forum's web site. One will not find this information provided by our state's political parties and only a few of our elected officials. Any person or organization who can find any information on our web site they declare is incorrect is given a credibility check challenge. Put the claim in writing to our web site's Overall Facilitator, Dr. Floyd E. McDowell, Sr. ( and always include research findings that try to prove the claim and a response will be received. And no citizen should not fail to study this information and accomplish adequate understanding because "it's too lengthy" or "I don't have time." Every voting citizen had to by compulsory attendance law spend at least TEN YEARS in school even if he/she dropped out. Surely a few hours can be invested in becoming informed on important program and cost effective solutions to issues that directly affects the future of each citizen and her/his family members. When public education for our nation's children and youth was legally required some one hundred years ago, an important Committee of Ten was commissioned to determine the reasons for this momentous decision. The Committee developed the following four important goals of required public education: Personal Adequacy; Social Competency; Economic Efficiency; and Civic Responsibility. Instead of 25% now devoted to Civic Responsibility, of the 16 to 20 courses required in our nation's high schools for graduation, less than half of our high schools even provide ONE course in civics. The information on our nonprofit, nonpartisan web site is a valuable resource for high school and college/university students and their faculty members. They will not find this Delaware civic/political information at other Delaware information sources. Questions about our Forum's best knowledge information will arise and our Forum invites and welcomes them as for years we've been glad to receive and respond to them on an ongoing basis.

   We will provide a candidate survey form to all candidates to determine which candidates become competently informed on this best knowledge information and sign off on supporting our recommended reform changes. One of our important Forum goals is to identify, enlist and support (statewide and in every legislative election district) those candidates, regardless of political party affiliation, who will support the recommended program and cost effective reforms provided on each of our Forum's civic/political issue area's page. We invite, even urge, that readers of this information ask family members, friends and other fellow Delaware citizens to access our web site ( and become members/owners as tributaries contributing to the citizen power we believe will enable us to take back our corporate-owned governments. We ask you to give our web site to leaders of all organizations where you hold membership and request that they  include our issue areas of interest as topics for membership meetings and invite our Issue Area Facilitators as presenters/discussants at these meetings. Our Forum  invites every Delaware citizen, organization, political party and politician involved in the civic/political issue areas we cover to provide our Issue Area Facilitators with constructive criticism, additional information or any input which will add to our best knowledge issue area information and recommended reforms sought from our public office  elected decision-makers.

   Our single payer, nongovernment administered Delaware Health Security Act is THE LITMUS TEST for all incumbents and challenging candidates for OUR elective state level decision-making offices. It positively and significantly impacts every other issue area covered on our web site's pages. Study thoroughly our web site's Health Care page to see the list of state/national organizations that have understood, endorsed and support passage of single payer health care reform acts as has already been accomplished to provide universal health care coverage for all of their citizens in the other 29 developed, industrialized nations in our world. In our nation, a large number of state and national polls have revealed that approximately 70% of those polled vote for single payer health care reform. This writer's years of interactions with Delaware citizens and organizations as Chairperson of our Delaware Health Security Coalition indicates our citizens support our Forum's Delaware single payer reform act at the same high level. Below is provided contact information for all 68 elected state level decision-makers. Citizens are urged to become competently informed on our Forum's health care Act and other issue area recommended reforms and let these 68 know we expect them to honor their Oath of Office and support our recommended reforms with sensible and moral accountability. A list of the home/office phone numbers and postal mailing addresses for our Governor, Lt. Governor and 62 State Legislators can be easily obtained by phoning our Legislative Council office (toll-free 1-800-282-8545) and requesting that a copy be mailed to you. They can also send a listing of the various House/Senate Committees on which our State Legislators serve. For the email address of these state officials, a list will be emailed if requested from

   Our Forum strongly believes that identifying, supporting and  electing competently informed candidates for our important state, county and city elective offices is the only way hard-working, tax-paying citizens can effect both credibility and accountability in their various governments.  We have invited every political party in Delaware and their candidates for public elective offices to become credibly informed about our Forum's information and recommended reforms and support sensible proven program and cost effective legislation. Both the Green Party and Independent Parties of our state became informed and joined our two state coalitions supporting our Forum's single payer Delaware Health Security Act and our Delaware Campaign Finance and Election Reform Act. Our state's Democratic and Republican Parties never offered the courtesy of even a response to our two coalition's packages of documented supportive program and cost effective information and requests to meet and discuss these Acts. They seem to be a Republi-Crat party differing only in degree, not kind. This charge includes a request to the leadership of the so-called Progressive Democrats who didn't even respond to the written material sent and to the request to meet with their leadership/membership. If they don't learn and support the program and cost effective information on our Forum's web site, they are as "politically correct" hypocritical and phony as a counterfeit three-dollar bill. Desperately needed in our low level Delaware civic/political culture are both credibly informed citizens and political candidates who will let facts properly interfere with our propaganda-laden political culture's belief system. Continue our Ostrich-like DNA behavior and it will increase our Lemming-like DNA which has us continuing toward a rapidly approaching cliff with Lemming-like speed. Only informed, active voting citizens can apply the brakes and turn our governments around. How else can we discern why on important civic/political issue areas our state is always near the top among other states in tax monies spent but among the worst states in effective program and cost effective results? One has only to study our best knowledge information for the important litmus test issue area on health care coverage to understand that special interests are the big winners in our state capitol, aided and abetted by the hordes of special corporate interest lobbyists, and sadly the vast majority of state level elected officials and their appointed administrative office holders. Only informed, active voting citizens can correct this civic/political malaise.

 Our overall Forum and each civic/political issue area will have one or more Issue Area Facilitators who will serve as contact resource persons. Each will be available to citizens, candidates, the print and electronic media, to provide presentations/discussions at organizations' meetings and interact with others in our state to discuss our information, answer questions, accept comments and suggestions to further advance our Forum's mission. As our unified Forum enlists Delaware supportive organizations and citizens, we will always have Issue Area Facilitators committed to providing leadership for our civic/political issue areas. Issue Area Facilitators and Co-Facilitators for each issue area will serve on an Association Facilitator Council to help coordinate all components of our Forum's civic/political reform activities. These Facilitators' names and contact information will be given in the information provided on each specific issue area's web site page. The Forum's Overall Facilitator is Dr. Floyd E. McDowell, Sr., 11 Dover Court, Bear, DE 19701; phone number (302)832-2799; and email address,  Our Forum invites every Delaware citizen to have informed membership/ownership in our vision and mission and to put priority on informing  family members, friends, leaders of your organizations and others about our Forum's nonprofit, nonpartisan mission and web site (

   Our Forum has identified many civic/political issue areas to cover with best knowledge information and recommendations for program and cost effective reform changes by our elected state level political decision-makers. These will be added and covered on our web site. We expect to have information and sensible reform recommendations on these additional issue areas as we develop and expand our best knowledge, research-documented program and cost effective information. We are working with key relevant informed individuals and organizations as we develop best knowledge information and reform recommendations for each issue area. We will always put prioity on providing back up research information and data and other sensible substance to support all of our recommended reform changes. The following is not a complete list but represent many of our Forrums civic/political issue areas identified to date that we believe important for an improved quality of life for citizens and enhanced economic development in our state's future: 

   All Issue Area Facilitators providing best knowledge information and sensible, program and cost effective recommended reforms for these civic/political issues important in our state's future offer both an invitation and challenge to all individuals and organizations trying to affect reform changes on one or more of the issue areas listed above. Become informed Forum Citizen Facilitators working with and through family members, neighbors and other fellow city/county/state citizens. Our Forum's Overall Facilitator has worked for years with state and national leaders seeking sensible reform in the important issue areas of single payer health care, campaign finance and public schooling. All of these leaders know and advise that we will NEVER see these reforms happen at our national government level until many of our states have educated, enlisted informed citizens and caused the enactment of these these reforms via grass roots movements within their states. While the highest level of support for these reform laws in our national government has been at the 20% level, many states have enacted and implemented reform laws similar to those we propose for Delaware.  A number of other states are nearing passage of their best knowledge reform Acts. This makes good common sense as it's at the local and state levels where voting citizens can more effectively be informed and enlisted to support sensivle reform. Our Forum's key goal is to bring these issue area reform laws and changes into OUR Delaware government. Our Forum can, upon request and at no charge, provide a speaker/discussant on any or all of our civic/political issue areas for meetings of Delaware organizations.

   As representation of the credentials our Forum's many leaders brings to our web site's information and recommended reform changes, some relevant information about our Overall Facilitator is provided. With Full Fellowships from the US Department of Education and the National Institute for Mental Health, Dr. McDowell achieved two Doctorate majors from a consortium of two colleges, two universities and the Vanderbilt University Medical School in Nashville, Tennessee. This consortium was, then and now, ranked the top graduate program in the nation in Educational Leadership and related Human Services. His first Doctorate major was in Educational Leadership and the second was the first Doctorate in the nation for administering programs for disabled citizens of all ages. His experiences include serving as a part-time Consultant/Trainer for the US Department of Education for ten years and in the same role for another years with the nonprofit national/international Partners for Quality Learning organization. The Partners organization developed the Quality District Model public school reform system explained on our web site's School Reform page. This model is the ONLY program and cost effective school district reform model validated and re-validated by the prestigious Program Effectiveness Panel established by the US Department of Education. For 32 years, our Forum's Overall Facilitator served as Editor-in-Chief for three national/international professional education journals. Over his career, he taught Doctoral level courses in six universities in our nation as a Visiting Professor. After retiring, our Forum Facilitator's civic responsibility work has continued. With the help of research findings and informed leaders of civic/political issue reforms throughout the nation, he has researched and authored the following program and cost effective reform Acts now in our State Legislature awaiting informed support and enactment: Delaware Campaign Finance and Election Reform Act; Delaware Health Security Act; and the Delaware Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation Act. Also, with our State Constitution requiring our State Legislature to provide program and cost efficient public schools, our Forum has provided these decision-makers documented research information on the effectiveness of the Quality District Model. All four of these needed reform Acts and plans are discussed on the pages of this web site. Our Facilitator has had a key leadership role in six significant national reform Acts and nine at the state level plus the three state Acts and public school reform plan now pending in the Delaware State Legislature. One representative national reform Act was accomplished by a reformed DeKalb Couty Democratic Party  political party he helped establish and was elected leader of in DeKalb County, Georgia (native state), located partially in Atlanta. A fellow party and Atlanta Unitarian Church member (Jim Sanders) won an Atlanta Federal Court victory against the Georgia County Unit System which enabled a vote to count as a vote for the first time in our nation's history. For his role in this monumental victory that revolutionized politics in his native state, his life was threatened four times by goons that wore sheets for heads and beds. Upheld in 1963 by an 8-1 vote in the US Supreme Court, this class action victory caused reapportionment, redistricting and made a vote count as a vote in all states. At least half of the current Delaware city, county and state legislative positions were created by this Georgia Federal Court victory. It was the main reason the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were enacted.  Another important national Education for Handicapped Act (Public Law 94-142) was created by the victory in the Philadelphia Federal Court by the Philadelphia Public Interest Law Center which enabled handicapped children and youth in all states to attend public schools for training and needed therapies. A two year research study led by our Facilitator for the Pennsylvania state government on what best knowledge informed about serving the state's mentally disabled citizens in the five-county Philadelphia region provided evidence that helped win this case. He was the key author of the Delaware Right to Education for all Handicapped Act and researched and authored the Delaware Summer School Act for Delaware's Special Schools. As Assistant Superintendent of the 60,000 student DeKalb County School District and leader of a successful reform political party, he authored plans for public school reform and family and childrens' services reform in Georgia. Governor Carl Sanders campaigned on these plans, was elected and led the passage and implementation of both Acts. They led to Georgia having a full day kindergarten program in 1971 and helped accomplish two significant changes twenty years later. In 1991, Georgia became the first state in the nation to provide a fully funded, full day public school program for four year olds (pre-kindergartners). In that same year, the Hope Scholarship program was initiated. This provides full tuition, fees and a book allowance for every graduate of a private or public Georgia high school to go as far as desired in post-high school college/university or trade school hgher education. As of 2010, one million, two hundred thousand  young Georgians from all backgrounds had taken advantage of these opportunities and this valuable investment in the state's future is still fully underway. Our Facilitaor has tried, unsuccessfully, to inform our Delaware elected State Legislators and Governor that utilizing the proven Quality District Model would easily create three public school districts, show average district-wide academic achievement gains of at least two grade levels, eliminate the devastating short-term and lifetime psycho/social effects of flunking, labeling, sorting, segregation, etc. of students, graduate over 90 percent of entering students instead of now slightly over 60 percent and save at least $70 million annually by district consolidation that could be invested as demonstrated in Georgia.

   Citizens need to read two valuable publications to better understand the past history and current reality of our state level political culture. Both books were published by the University of Delaware Press and are available from the University of Delaware Bookstore (302-831-2637) and other bookstores in our state. Both should be prominently featured in all public schools and public libraries. One is the brilliant publication Governing Delaware: Policy Problems in the First State (ISBN No. 0-87413-2637) by Dr. William W. Boyer. Dr. Boyer retired as Chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Delaware. The other "must read" publication is Rebel with a Conscience (ISBN No. 0-87413-681-4) by Dr. Russell W.Peterson. Dr. Peterson was a former Governor of Delaware who served all citizens with the knowledge, integrity, commitment and moral motivation our unified Forum seeks from every elected member of our state's executive and legislative branches of government.